Let’s Make A Book About You!

Want to get started?  Here are my packages, with an initial price quote (the price can change if extra hours are required).

Our Creative Process:

  • One 2 hour interview/creation session, one hour editing standard b&w book+printing and binding: $60
  • Two 2 hour interview/creation sessions, one and a half hour editing standard b&w book + printing and binding: $100
  • One 1 hour mapping/planning session, 2 sessions of one and a half hours each, one hour closure/figuring out the ending, one and a half hour hours editing standard b&w book+ printing and binding: $120

Add On’s:

  • Basic edited cd of interviews, $15.
  • Additional people partaking in process, $5 per person.
  • Color photos, $2 each.
  • Additional copies of book, $10 each.

You can contact me by filling out the form below!