What Story Are We Going To Tell?

Our first step will be an initial phone consultation. This is completely free. In this consultation we’ll talk about your goals for creating your book, what you want to include, and what package you’re purchasing.

There are all kinds of reasons to create a book. Please the ideas below. Then, check out the packages to find the best way to make your book.

Don’t see something that fits? Don’t let that stop you because we can come up with one together. Just call me at 503-380-1504 or email me!

Create a book that tells Your Child The Start Of Her Story.

We’ll describe you as you are now, tell the story of how she came to be, what happened, what was important, why you’re bringing this new child into your life, and what you hope the future might hold. Give your child a snapshot of who you are at this moment, that will last a lifetime. This is great for birth or adoption.

Create A Book That Tells The Story Of Your Transformation.

Changing jobs or cities? Embarking on higher learning? Going on a mission? Create a book that maps out your adventure: what brought you to the brink of it, what you take with you as you set out, what you hope to find. We’ll weave in images, documents, thoughts, guesses and games, scrapbook style.


Tell Your Greatest Love Story

Taking the plunge? Congratulations! Let’s make a roadmap! Create a book that chronicles the story of how you met, how your relationship grew, what is important to you about the love you share now, and your designs for your future.


Tell Your Story Because It’s Important

Writing your story can happen anytime.  The story you write today is not the story you would have written ten years ago, or the story you’ll write ten years from now. Preserve who you are now in a way that celebrates everything that makes you, you.


Tell The Story Of What Came Before And What You Are Becoming

Are you working to move forward from a past experience? Sometimes by telling a story, we can find a way to tell its end. We will contain the story within the covers of a book and together write about who you are becoming.


Tell Your Story For The Generations

We don’t always realize how precious our stories are. Preserve your life experiences, stories, memories, lessons, and hopes for generations to come as one way to comfort, and keep close to your loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Or, create a book for a cherished loved one who has passed away that records their life, celebrates their unique qualities, and preserves your relationship. The book you create will become part of your loved one’s legacy.